A Sampling Workout (using 2 different songs)

In this quick lesson, we'll be looking at an interesting idea of sampling from 2 different songs using Ableton Live. 

The art of sampling has paved the way for producers to think outside the box, and come up with music that makes you go, "how did they even come up with this idea!?"  In this article, we have a fun little workout for you to build up your sampling skills!

Let’s first look at a few popular songs that have been sampled from multiple tunes!

Example 1: 'Nas Is Like' by Nas

Nas’s Nas is like was sampled from 3 songs.

The recurring tune is made up of this recording from a 1966 song for the main chords; The hook section has snippets from Nas’s older songs 'It ain't hard to tell' and 'Street Dreams' for the rhythm and vocals snippets.

Example 2: 'Face To Face' - Daft Punk

This classic by Daft Punk was sampled with bits from 3 songs. This song from 1975 for the main riffs. This song from 1972, and another one from 1982 for some melodies.


Here's a walkthrough of some techniques you can use to create a sampled beat from multiple tunes.

These are just ideas to help you get started. Try to make your own sampled beat, and reply to this post, if you have any specific questions or face any issues. If you end up making a sampled beat, do share it here! We’d also like to hear some words on how you’ve made it.

Free VST Plugins [Updated]

Hi I'm Spinny and I'm a music producer and go by my artist name 'ilaama'.

I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite free plugins that I use for my own productions, which you can also add to your own process. I will keep updating this list as I come across more new free plugins that I think are cool and can take your production to the next level. 

If you try any of these plugins, do drop a comment below and let me know your experience with it. I'd love to know how you've used it in your production.