Stories Through Music - Akrti

Akrti is a singer, producer and educator based out of Bangalore. Her music has been featured by Krunk and Consolidate among others.

Akrti grew up in a household where music thrived. Her Grandmother played the Veena; and also conducted classes for students at home. She often encouraged Akrti to sing and perform whenever there was an opportunity.

Thanks to the internet, she came across a wide array of music and also figured out basic recording and editing on a DAW. Artists like Sigur Rós, inspired her to incorporate ‘found sound’ sampling ideas in her music making. Akrti went on to learn Production and Audio Engineering formally and has been actively producing, performing and collaborating within the independent music circuit.

She has performed live sets at various venues including experimental art spaces. She also regularly collaborates with dancers and movement artists, creating music and sound design for live theater performances.

Check out some of her releases here.

As part of Krunk Kultures compilation ‘Thandai- Flavors Of The East’

Her Track ‘Leste’ Released via Consolidate Records.

Akrti makes music with DAWs like Ableton Live, armed with her Sm58, telecaster and controllers like Maschine Mk2, APC 40. She also uses her phone to record interesting samples that she comes across .

Her teaching has involved direct classes and private mentoring of students in vocals as well as music production. “Teaching has been a continuous learning process for me. I like the feeling of helping someone achieve their goal, or introducing them to a world they would enjoy exploring.”

On our platform, Akrti will be doing a live masterclass on songwriting in Ableton Live. In this Masterclass, Akrti will help you gain fundamental understanding of the production process as you write a song. “ Songwriting is all about having a vision or a story, and using the [production] tools to communicate that vision effectively. ” This course is designed for songwriters who have limited production knowledge, as well as producers or beatmakers who want to build up their songwriting skills. It’s perfectly alright if participants are not yet good at writing lyrics on their own.

In regard to the learning platform, Akrti says “ I really appreciate how structured and focused the platform is. Dawn is incredibly supportive and encouraging. The inclusiveness of community is super important for art to thrive. This platform feels like a great way to interact and collaborate with other like minded producers. This in turn helps you stay motivated, and find your own niche community. ”

We’re excited to have Akrti onboard! Check out the link below for registration and other details about her upcoming Masterclasses.

Harmonizing Vocals with Spectral Resonator

In this lesson, we’ll learn how to synthesize vocal harmonies for your vocal track using Live 11’s Spectral Resonator audio effect.

Spectral Resonator is an extremely versatile device introduced in Live 11. It allows for some very cool spacey resonance effects. It offers MPE support and just like Corpus, Spectral Resonator has a sidechain midi function, with which we can easily feed MIDI Clips from other tracks in your project. This makes it a perfect tool for some vocal processing fun, and that’s what you’ll be getting into here!

Check out this video below and feel free to follow along with a vocal track.

Based on this, I encourage you all to try these ideas out:

  • Start with some vocals, if you don’t sing or have any vocals lying around, pick any free acapella tracks you can find just a google away. Listing some here:

                   1. Ghosthack Acapellas 

                   2. Looperman Acapellas

  • Use the convert melody to a MIDI feature and use that on a Spectral Resonator to harmonize in the key of the original vocals.

  • Use existing chord progression (MIDI) on a project to trigger Spectral Resonator on your vocals.

  • Use the MPE features - Go to note expression tab on your melody clip and try out some fancy bends, while you hear how the vocals sound through the spectral resonator.

                  Link to the Pitchbends lesson video is here

Hope you enjoyed the lesson! Look forward to what you create. Don't forget to let us know your thoughts or questions regarding this by replying to this post.

Happy learning!