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Stories Through Music - Akrti

Akrti is a singer, producer and educator based out of Bangalore. Her music has been featured by Krunk and Consolidate among others.

Akrti grew up in a household where music thrived. Her Grandmother played the Veena; and also conducted classes for students at home. She often encouraged Akrti to sing and perform whenever there was an opportunity.

Thanks to the internet, she came across a wide array of music and also figured out basic recording and editing on a DAW. Artists like Sigur Rós, inspired her to incorporate ‘found sound’ sampling ideas in her music making. Akrti went on to learn Production and Audio Engineering formally and has been actively producing, performing and collaborating within the independent music circuit.

She has performed live sets at various venues including experimental art spaces. She also regularly collaborates with dancers and movement artists, creating music and sound design for live theater performances.

Check out some of her releases here.

As part of Krunk Kultures compilation ‘Thandai- Flavors Of The East’

Her Track ‘Leste’ Released via Consolidate Records.

Akrti makes music with DAWs like Ableton Live, armed with her Sm58, telecaster and controllers like Maschine Mk2, APC 40. She also uses her phone to record interesting samples that she comes across .

Her teaching has involved direct classes and private mentoring of students in vocals as well as music production. “Teaching has been a continuous learning process for me. I like the feeling of helping someone achieve their goal, or introducing them to a world they would enjoy exploring.”

On our platform, Akrti will be doing a live masterclass on songwriting in Ableton Live. In this Masterclass, Akrti will help you gain fundamental understanding of the production process as you write a song. “ Songwriting is all about having a vision or a story, and using the [production] tools to communicate that vision effectively. ” This course is designed for songwriters who have limited production knowledge, as well as producers or beatmakers who want to build up their songwriting skills. It’s perfectly alright if participants are not yet good at writing lyrics on their own.

In regard to the learning platform, Akrti says “ I really appreciate how structured and focused the platform is. Dawn is incredibly supportive and encouraging. The inclusiveness of community is super important for art to thrive. This platform feels like a great way to interact and collaborate with other like minded producers. This in turn helps you stay motivated, and find your own niche community. ”

We’re excited to have Akrti onboard! Check out the link below for registration and other details about her upcoming Masterclasses.

Expression Through Music - Nikhil Bejai 

Nikhil Bejai is a Producer and Educator based out of Bangalore. He’s a resident Trainer at DJP Media, and his music has been featured by the likes of Rolling Stones India, TheVibe and so on.  

Growing up in Mangalore, his parents enrolled him in Tabla classes, so he could make use of his late grandfather’s tabla set. Thanks to the internet, he started exploring different styles of music ranging from pop to metal and would find himself trying to learn to mimic his favourite singers.

During his undergraduate years in Mysore, he formed a rock band with like minded musician friends. In order to help his band write new music, he taught himself the basics of music production. The band went on to play numerous shows in and around the city, even winning a few competitions. 

After graduation, he got into a corporate job which he quit after a couple years as he was unable to connect with music. With some savings, he signed up for an Audio Engineering Program in Bangalore, where he learnt recording arts and production. His teacher Dawn Philip, who was heading the Music Production Department at the institute, offered him an internship at his production house ‘DJP Media’. 

Here, he got the opportunity to work on numerous commercial productions for brands like Myntra, OlaCabs, Embassy Group and so on. Apart from this, he also worked on musical scores for some independent film projects. 

Nikhil likes to explore different music styles. “Understanding the art of music making, allowed me to appreciate music in general, as tiny nuanced changes to the fabric of sound.” He also composes audiovisual pieces, which involves composing musical scores to sampled video footage of everyday life, often accenting the visual rhythms with music. 

Nikhil has been teaching music production at DJP Media over the past few years. 

With the new platform, he's put together a free course as well as a live masterclass on music making with Ableton Live. In this course, you will gain deep knowledge of using the software, through making music, and not the other way around. A wide range of topics like - composition, arrangement, sound design, editing, recording, mixing and effects processing will be covered in great detail in a well structured manner, complimented by practice exercises and feedback sessions. 

Check out Nikhil's free course here.... 

“While the live masterclass will get into advanced concepts and intricacies, it’s totally okay if you’re new to all this. For this very reason, we have these - easy to grasp - beginner video lessons. They’re four in total, and you’ll know how easy it is to start making your music!” Also, if you already make music, we still recommend that you go through these videos to brush up on some basics, and make sure we’re all on the same page!

Regarding the community based platform, Nikhil feels it's a game changer for education in general. “Students get in touch regularly after finishing programs, to discuss concepts and doubts and they know they’ll get a reliable response, unlike the comment section of a random youtube video. The platform is a great way to make our discussions more inclusive.” Nikhil feels this is the ideal social media platform for producers and creators to help and inspire each other.

We’re super excited to have Nikhil as part of our community!

Check out Nikhil's Masterclass here....

Life behind the lens - Sudeep Bhattacharya

Meet Sudeep Bhattacharya! He is an award winning film-maker and photographer based in India. He’s a TedX speaker and his work has been featured by Vogue Magazine, Asian Photography and Conde Nast Traveller among others.

As a kid, Sudeep had an interest in the arts. He would occupy himself with painting and music. He also had a fascination for the camera, inspired by his Dad, who was a hobbyist photographer. He started spending more time with his camera, documenting life around him and realised the power of this tool to strike a connection with life and people.

Wanting to dig deeper into the Arts, Sudeep pursued a masters in media production at the Griffith University, Australia. Since he didn’t have prior training in media, he enrolled himself in a wide array of electives like writing, direction, lighting, sound design, animation, music technology and so on. 

Soon after studies, Sudeep worked as a filmmaker, writing and directing indie shorts as he enjoyed creative independence. He bagged a few awards in the international short film circuit including the Pacific Asia Film and Television Award for his film ‘She Remembers’. Sudeep recalls the improvisational, non linear approach, making it very challenging and fun.

Sudeep moved back to India and worked with production houses and agencies making commercials, corporate films, shorts, music videos etc. for local and international brands. 

He was once invited to shoot a wedding of a close friend. He liked the chaos, and unplanned-ness of it, and got into it professionally. “It felt like getting a passport to see very intimate and raw emotions of people’s lives in India.. we otherwise don’t witness”. Sudeep is now among the most sought after wedding photographers, both in and out of India. 

Over his career spanning 2 decades, he has taught various programmes in photography and film; teaching at universities to personally mentoring individuals who’ve joined him as interns. 

DJP Media has collaborated with Sudeep to bring you free courses as well as live online masterclasses on video production. In these courses Sudeep will walk you through the fundamentals of video making. 

This masterclass covers both the technical and creative aspects of video production. The technical aspects involve understanding and using your recording equipment, as well as basic editing and color grading of your raw videos using DaVinci Resolve - a free, industry standard video production software. You can get the most out of this masterclass, whether you use a DSLR or a smartphone camera. According to Sudeep, “the tools we use cannot limit the impact we can make as creators. The challenge is to find your own voice and relate to your audience through powerful storytelling.” So the masterclass will walk you through the creative angle of weaving a good story, right from the recording process and through the editing process. 

Sudeep feels the format of community based learning is a super efficient way to start building one's skill set, especially in art driven areas where we tend to get lost on our own. “The opportunity for exchange of information and also connecting with a team of mentors in real time sounds like a dream come true! This is a great format for learning and I’m very excited to be a part of it!’ he adds. 

We’re super excited to have Sudeep as part of our community! 

A Journey Of Beat Mastery - Joe Panicker

Meet Joe Panicker! He is a producer, performer and educator. He is one half of electronic duo Aerate Sound and plays the drums professionally. He has worked on numerous commercial and non commercial productions across India.

Joe was raised in a creatively inclined family who were supportive of his interests. Early on, his mother enrolled him for music classes where he learnt vocals and mridangam. During his teenage years, he became interested in a drum kit. As an overly enthusiastic kid, he recalls lying his way to an inter school band competition, pretending he knew to play drums even though it was his first time! He soon formed a band and started playing drums professionally.

After graduation, Joe enrolled for an Audio Engineering Program with SAE, where he was introduced to music production. The exposure he received helped him gain fresh perspectives on making a career in music. He then moved to Delhi, and started a production house with his friend Vinayak Gupta (keyboardist for Pop band Euphoria). They worked on various projects together. He then returned to Bangalore and worked as a live sound engineer, when a friend introduced him to Ableton Live. This is when he learnt how to bridge production and performance. 

In 2015, Joe formed Aerate Sound with Naquash, a visual artist. They follow a new media approach which blurs the lines between music and the visuals. They performed several gigs, signed up with Consolidate Records and also produced two full length albums ‘Only For External’ and a hip hop record ‘The Human Form’. Apart from this, Joe also plays drums with Gauley Bhai, a well known folk fusion band that has toured internationally. 

Joe’s electronic setup has evolved over time; from looper pedals and a launchpad controller, to using Ableton’s Push 2 as a primary controller. “It's a pleasure to work with Ableton Push 2 as it helps me treat the DAW like hardware” 

Joe has always enjoyed sharing his knowledge; be it teaching drums, audio engineering or music production, via many workshops and courses he’s been a part of. DJP Media has collaborated with Joe to bring you his impeccable flair for producing beat-driven music through his free course and live masterclasses.

Check out Joe's free course -

In this masterclass you’ll learn the creative and technical aspects of producing rhythmically driven compositions (what we call beats). Joe will walk you through various topics like beats phrasing techniques, understanding beat dynamics, layered sounds, processing with effect chains and so on. These are not plain theory sessions. Joe will be discussing these concepts through the music he makes during the masterclass. This Live Masterclass is designed to be highly interactive, so expect beat making exercises from Joe with feedback and review to help you apply yourself better!

Joe finds the community based learning platform exciting and relatable to the diversity he experienced early on in his journey. “The art of teaching, if done correctly, can have a tremendous influence in the growth of a student, and I feel I’m with the right team (DJP Media). We can learn so much from each other, and create a positive impact!” 

We’re super excited to have Joe as part of our community and look forward to many more happy learning experiences. Check the link below for his upcoming live masterclass schedules!

Check out Joe's Masterclass -