Ableton Live Redesign

An interaction and interface designer named Nenad Milosevic redesigned Ableton live UI, which looks exciting and appealing. Especially the browser and the knobs.

What do you guys think? 

Let me know in the comments.

Rohan D 1 month ago
Woah! Looks interesting and confusing at the same time
Simon 1 month ago
It's a pretty neat and straight forward design. I like how everything is right there for me to see.
Nikhil 1 month ago
That's true, one thing I like is that the devices get more sceen space
Rahul Gowda 1 month ago
This looks so futuristic. I would definitely want this is a skin option!
Clark 1 month ago
I really hope Ableton picks this or adapts at least some of the design concepts from this. I am so bored of the original design now lol
Spinny John Stanley 1 month ago
You can try creating your own custom themes here :
Sachin Thomas 1 month ago
Wow. Very cool new design.
Ratheesh Varma 1 month ago
This is a nice looking design. But it feels like so much is happening. I think I like the simplicity of Abeton's original design.
Spinny John Stanley 1 month ago
Yeah, it's true. A lot of people have the same idea.
Kavish 1 month ago
I want this! It looks so slick. He should release it as a skin at least for now
Rahul Verma 1 month ago
This looks so Dope! Is Ableton considering this?
Shruti Ghoshal 1 month ago
Oh wow. This looks like a really cool re-design. I hope Ableton considers adapting this.
Nikhil 1 month ago
An interesting design for sure! Not sure how comfortable I'd feel working with something like this!
Sooraj 1 month ago
I feel it's a matter of getting used to, after first 2-3 days we might know it like the back of our hand. I remember thinking the same when I tried Ableton for the first time. I was used to Logic Pro and Pro Tools only before that. 😅
Nikhil 1 month ago
Is it just me or does the device view look bigger in this one?
Spinny John Stanley 1 month ago
I think its bigger.
Sooraj 1 month ago
definitely more prominent than the original design
Sooraj 1 month ago
It definitely looks brilliant, super slick for sure. I want to say its minimalistic, at least the style seems like it but it also seems like there's a lot happening on screen which could be good thing. All the information you would want to see and more is right there. Could be confusing to figure out at first but nothing I can't get used to.
Spinny John Stanley 1 month ago
Learning curve might be less. Looks like everything is in its original place. But definitely going to be trippy for first couple of times.
Sooraj 1 month ago
Yeah. It's just getting used to the new visuals