Meet Nisha Sawant

Planning a future, Nisha wanted to pursue her masters in music production but wasn't sure which university to apply to and what field to specialize in. We helped her get clarity on various subjects and make educated decisions.

Ratheesh Varma 1 month ago
Inspiring stuff. DJP goes all the way to help students. Congrats and all the best for Kingston Nisha
Kavish 1 month ago
Truly amazing :)
Rishikesh Sharma 1 month ago
All the best Nisha.
Rahul Gowda 1 month ago
Congrats Nisha. This is really awesome guys. Even i need guidance for my future plans. I will get on call with you guys soon for this :)
Nikhil 1 month ago
Anytime Rahul!
Simon 1 month ago
This is so whole some. Congrats on Kingston Nisha. Wish you all the best.
Rahul Verma 1 month ago
Shruti Ghoshal 1 month ago
Wow. Kingston, that's amazing! Congrats Nisha and all the best.
Nikhil 1 month ago
Great to have her in our batch. Ever curious and super dedicated.. Wish her all the best in her future endeavors!