I need to buy a Desktop/workstation where I can work smoothly with Ableton suite11.

please suggest configurations with Monitors and other accessories.

my budget is 1.5L Max.

Thanks & Regards,


Dawn John Philip 1 month ago
That's a great budget to have! Lucky for you I love building computers 😄😄. Here's my recommendation: AMD Ryzen 5600x, MSI X570 motherboard, Corsair RAM 2x8GB @ 3,200MHz (make sure to buy 2 sticks of 8GB each) , cooler master 650 watt power supply, 500 gb NVME ssd, 1tb sata ssd, 1050ti graphics card, cooler master cpu aio cooler
Devendra 1 month ago
Thanks for configuration details it is really going to help lot. can I get all assembled at SP Road, or is there better place in Bangalore? (I am new to this city :))
Dawn John Philip 1 month ago
Sorry for the late reply! SP Road in Bangalore is great, you can try Goltcha Computers, they will also assemble for you.
Devendra 1 month ago
Dawn John Philip 1 month ago
the graphics card is the only not so great component here but as there's a shortage I'd suggest buy a cheap card for now and if need invest in a better one later
Simon 1 month ago
this will make a pretty sweet and powerful rig
Dawn John Philip 1 month ago
In total this config should be well below 1.5L not including monitor, keyboard, mouse and what not. So more budget to buy studio things!! 😁😁😁
Dawn John Philip 1 month ago
you'll also need to buy a computer case, don't skimp on this airflow and modularity is always good, I suggest cooler master cases and keep a budget of 5-8k
Ratheesh Varma 1 month ago
what config would you recommend for a budget of 50-60k?
Kavish 1 month ago
great configuration
Rahul Gowda 1 month ago
Nice config. I was meaning to ask someone about this. Definitely going to look these up for my next system.
Rishikesh Sharma 1 month ago
I would also like to know what would be the best configuration for a system. I am planning on buying a new one before I join the masterclasses.