Digital Composition With Akrti

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Hey guys, here's an overview of my masterclass!


Course Outline:

Introduction to digital songwriting :

  • Understanding traditional and non-traditional song structures.
  • Understanding musical sections with dynamics
  • Creating a story line with a composition
  • Understanding songwriting for electronic music.
  • Approach to writing and understanding lyrics
  • Collaborating with other artists

Finalising and Personalizing your compositions :

  • Building and developing personalized song structures
  • Using devices and instruments in Ableton Live to help in compositions
  • Creating dynamic changes between melodies & harmonies 
  • Understanding processes for creating musical ideas.
  • Case studies of popular artists
  • Organising workflows

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Nikhil 2 months ago
Awesome! can't wait for this one to commence :)
Sooraj 2 months ago
I'm personally looking forward to this masterclass!
Rishikesh Sharma 2 months ago
I've gone through the basic courses and have a gist of how to get started. Would it be advisable for me to do a Masterclass in music production first before I join a songwriting course?
Nikhil 2 months ago
Hey Rishikesh! You can take the songwriting course, if you have gone through the free basics course!
Shruti Ghoshal 2 months ago
Simon 2 months ago
I look forward to this one. Composing song structures is something I definitely need to learn more about.
Clark 2 months ago
Can't wait for this one.
Dawn John Philip 2 months ago
This is one to look forward to for sure! Can't wait for the next batch ❤️