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Hey guys, here's an overview of my masterclass!


Course Outline:

  • Structuring your Song
  • Understanding Sound Choices & Instrument Articulations.
  • Understanding and Application of Song Structure
  • Layering Sounds - Use of Instrument Rack
  • Advanced Workflow Tools
  • Fine Tuning in Arrangement View, Recording, and Editing Workflow
  • Editing features for faster workflow
  • Optimising CPU usage
  • Workflow advantages - Session v/s Arrangement View
  • Advanced Clip properties & Resampling
  • Recording Techniques for Audio and MIDI - Comping, Punch Recording, Capture
  • Advantages of Double Track recording
  • MIDI Protocol & Effects processing
  • Understanding and Application of MIDI Effects
  • Serial and Parallel Processing
  • MIDI Controllers for Parameter Manipulation
  • Designing Sounds - Part 1
  • Deep dive into Synthesis Fundamentals
  • Breakdown of Synthesizer functions using Operator
  • Wavetable Synthesis - MPE & MIDI Features using Wavetable
  • Designing Melody, Harmony and Percussive Sounds
  • Designing Sounds - Part 2
  • Introduction to Sampling - One Shot and Loop Based
  • Manual Sampling Techniques
  • Breakdown of Sampling functions using Simpler
  • Slice Mode Sampling Applications
  • Mixing : Gain Based Effects
  • Working on Volume & Stereo Balance
  • Managing Dynamics - Compressor, Gate, Limiter
  • Parallel Compression and Group Processing
  • Side-chain Processing
  • Mixing :Time Based Effects
  • Spatial processing with Reverb and Delay
  • Creative Processing with Reverb and Delay
  • Send and Return chains
  • Finishing your Mix and Exporting project

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Colin Hendricks 5 months ago
Can you please explain how to control a digital button so that it will play the midi instrument in Ableton? the DIY YouTube left this off and I keep watching tutorials that leave out something or use dated software .please explain how to use the buttons as keys or how to have them making the actual sound
Balakrishna Jayasimha 9 months ago
Dear Nikhil, from a newbie to Ableton to learning so many techniques with the application of them in your assignments, I guess it's more or less a complete package! Thank You for the wonderful 8 sessions and the test is me putting it to work to make what I want to. Enjoyed the classes and I'm sure to come back to you with questions as and when they arise. Cheers! and all the very best Nikhil. Thank You!!!!
Nikhil 9 months ago
Thanks for choosing to learn with us BK! It was great having you for the sessions. Especially the fact that you you all had slightly different musical inclinations made it all the more interesting! Feel free to reach with more questions, I'm sure your enthusiasm will inspire more folks on the platform! Look forward to hearing more of your music. Wish you the best!
Rohan D 9 months ago
My experience learning at DJP with Nikhil sir was wonderful. I have never looked forward to classes or assignments more than I have here when I was learning music production. His explanations and class exercises changed the way I was approaching music production. I play guitar and keyboard and never understood how to compose or make a song. After learning from him I can say I'm more knowledgable and confident with making music now.
Nikhil 9 months ago
Thanks for the feedback Rohan! It was great having you for the classes. Would love to hear some of those guitar driven ambient music come together as releases soon!
Ratheesh Varma 9 months ago
This is one of the best courses I have taken. Nikhils knowledge on music production surpasses all. Most importantly he is very modest and is always pro active to help his students get to their fullest potential.
Nikhil 9 months ago
Thanks for such high words! Glad the classes were so helpful to you. Hope to see some music soon!
Simon 9 months ago
Nikhil is one of the most patient tutors I have come across. For an audiophile like me to learn music production felt like rocket science. Nikhil took his time to ensure I understood each and every topic before moving on to the next one. I am not a professional musician but after training with Nikhil I can proudly say I a good music producer now. Special mention and thanks to the DJP team who made the whole process very smooth and easy for noobs like me.
Nikhil 9 months ago
Great to hear your perspective Simon! thank you for the wonderful feedback, and yes you've definitely come a long way, thanks to your own interest and effort. Cheers!
Rahul Gowda 9 months ago
Nikhil sir classes was very nice. He explains the lessons as and when he teaches them and the exercises he gives are also very fun and I was able to learn a lot. I never felt like I couldn't ask any question at all and he was always open to us asking more. I had a great time learning with you Nikhil sir.
Nikhil 9 months ago
Thank you for those words Ravish. Glad the course helped out, and glad that you had fun! Cheers!
Kavish 9 months ago
I joined Nikhil sirs online batch earlier this year. Before this I knew only a little bit about music production through youtube tutorials and a few courses on Udemy. The problem I faced was I had a lot of doubts but no one to ask so I never fully understood certain concepts. Nikhil sir is very knowledgable and patient with all his students and cleared all the doubts I had before and during the class. I have a much stronger grasp on music theory, synthesis and sampling now thanks to his course.
Nikhil 9 months ago
Thank you for your feedback Kavish. Definitely right about the difference live interactive sessions can make over prerecorded lessons. Was great having you and look forward to some new music!!
Rahul Verma 9 months ago
Almost done with my masterclass course and I have to say I've learnt and understood more in less than a month under Nikhil sir than I ever have in all my years of self learning through youtube and other video sources. He is very patient and is very articulate in the way he explains different concepts and techniques. I will 100% recommend Nikhils course to anyone wanting to learn music production. Thank you DJP Media team for all the help.
Nikhil 9 months ago
Cheers man! Always a pleasure interacting with you during classes. Thank you complimenting my patience that you tested ever so slightly. just kidding! Look forward to hear more of your music.
Shruti Ghoshal 9 months ago
I'm a singer and always wanted to produce my own music. I came across DJP Media very recently and have already learnt so much more than I thought I could through Nikhil sirs video courses. I used to think making music was quite a complicated process but Nikhil sir has explained everything so easily that anyone can immediately understand. Eagerly waiting to join this masterclass.
Nikhil 9 months ago
Great to hear Shruti! Look forward to having you on our upcoming masterclass.
Vineet 10 months ago
Having completed my production course with Nikhil, I have already reached great heights, in this short amount of time. I have been hired as a producer and mixing and mastering engineer. And also have received job opportunities for making beats for a brand. Absolutely none of this would have been possible, if it weren't for Nikhil's mastery in the field and also his approachability on any given topic. One of the best, for sure!
Nikhil 9 months ago
Hey man! thanks for the kind words \m/ It was fun having you over at the sessions and great to see you rising to new heights as a musician and a producer! Look forward to some new music from you :)
Deepak Oram 10 months ago
I finished my music production course in 2020, here nikhil was my teacher, he helped me to master ableton live 10, he explained the music theory and technical knowledge about sound frequencies very well. Now I am able to create my own sounds using different wavetables using ADSR. He explained every thing in a easy way. This course helped me a lot to build my music career.
Nikhil 9 months ago
Was a delight having you for our classes! Your commitment and attention to details is amazing. And been loving your recent tunes as well! Hope your stuff reaches more ears, all the best !
Jackson Joseph 10 months ago
Hi Nikhil, so glad to see the masterclass is getting live soon. The course at DJP Media really helped me to improve my technical skills and I hope the masterclass would benefit everyone attends it. 👍🏻
Nikhil 9 months ago
Heyy Jackson! Was great having you for our classes! Glad your laptop got fixed! Look forward to some music coming from Zoyex music!
Joel Mathew Wilson 10 months ago
Producer Nikhil masterly at various concepts,which leads to understand many mordern techniques effects used at music production. The course is designed in such a way that one becomes more polished with ideas with own ways of developing music independently without any constraints.Producer Nikhil personally understands every student irrespective of his taste in music and delivers,moulds a individual to bring out his confidence in music production This Team has a positive approach for only learning,that makes concepts to digest easily Nikhil do possess future music-making techniques relating with the concepts which discharge remarkable ideas Course Is framed in a way that it covers up everything that is must to finish a project.Cheers Im glad to be around a team that belives in every individual to be a great artist
Nikhil 9 months ago
Thanks for the kind words Joel! Amazing that you juggle time between your work and get through the projects during the course. Keep up with this curiosity and passion, its inspiring. Look forward to more music coming from you soon!
Saransh Anand 10 months ago
Joined Nikhil’s master class on Ableton in 2020 and really liked the way the whole music production thing was conducted, this covers every bit and in detail from music theory to arrangement to sound design and synthesis and skill like mix and master, overall a great class if u willing to explore music production , plus the school DJP Media is a good school overall 👍
Nikhil 9 months ago
Was great having you Saransh! And really appreciate your passion to understand things deeply. Was fun having those discussions afterhours as well!
Sheshaprasad Hassan 10 months ago
I joined Nikhil's masterclass on Ableton last year. Its been a year now and I am comfortable handling Ableton and have completed many releases on YouTube. The course itself covers a major portion of all aspects that are required to be a composer. Thanks to Nikhil who patiently taught all aspects and answered all my questions. I would strongly recommend this course if you are starting your journey as a composer and would like to quickly learn a DAW. Thank you again Nikhil and DJP Media. I wish the team all the best and good luck!
Nikhil 9 months ago
Thanks for this feedback Shesha! Good to see you releasing so many tracks over the past many months. Look forward to many more!
J Hari Kumar 10 months ago
i completed Master class in Music Production with Ableton live in DJP was wonderful and especially nikhil who taught me everything in detail. before joining to master class i dont know anything about Music production now i can compose, i can arrange and i mix a song ...Thank you so much to 'Nikhil' and DJP Median for excellent training .....
Nikhil 9 months ago
It was great having you for the sessions Hari! It was a pleasure teaching and learning with you! Wish you all the best with your production endeavors and hope you complete building that studio very soon :)