can you explain how to assign digital buttons to keys,notes,pads act from Arduino to connection kit in Ableton? saw the YouTube can you please explain how to be able to play keys, drums,chords ect.instead of just filters, effects, or anything that isn't actually playing the instrument?

Nikhil 6 months ago
Hey Colin! That's a really good question. The Connection kit is mostly useful for making remote mapping to effects and some other really cool things. But it is not designed to map to musical notes for playing like an instrument. One of the ways to achieve that is to directly program the Arduino to behave like a midi compliant controller. This allows us to directly access corresponding control change (cc) data and customize the buttons to play notes like an instrument. This will work with any DAW including Ableton Live. It's not very difficult to execute but takes some time to figure out for a beginner with Arduino. This is something we walk through / break down as part of a short-term workshop. Let me know if you'd be interested in that! Cheers! - Nikhil