Beat Making With Joe

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Hey guys, here's an overview of my masterclass!


Course Outline:

  • Introduction to Beat Making 
  • Phrasing Beats
  • Beats in Electronic Music
  • Measures of Music
  • Choosing Sounds
  • Layering Beats
  • Understanding Drum Rack and Samples
  • Finalising and Processing your Beats
  • Understanding Accents and Syncopation
  • Modifying Instruments to the Beat
  • Building Effect Chains for your Beats

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Mahin Kapur 9 months ago
Joe's Masterclass expands your horizons on the concept of beat making. Mr. Joe's fun & friendly nature makes the concept more interesting to learn. I personally enjoyed each class so much, that I would be present 10 minutes before the session began! If you have a chance of joining this Masterclass, it's absolutely worth it. Don't think twice. 'You shalt learneth more than you endowed"
Manu T T 10 months ago
This course was very useful in expanding creativity, in using drum rack, sampler and much more along with crazy effects and ideas of using them in a creative manner. Joe's explanation on the subject of beat making was on point and really interesting, with breakthrough ideas in using parameters within the limits of a drum rack and sampler, which leads you to use it in infinite ways.