Hi Guys

Random Music played by me on Friday night just for fun.
background Beats created in Ableton, Used Ableton Instrument Catacomb lead for melody.

Hope you will enjoy this instant performance setup.

Shruti Ghoshal 1 month ago
I love this song. Nice cover Mr. Dev
Sooraj 1 month ago
Nicely done Devendra! Can't wait to see more of your stuff.
Rahul Gowda 1 month ago
Damn cool stuff Dev.
Ratheesh Varma 1 month ago
Amazing. How did you do this live in Ableton? Are the beats being looped in the software?
Devendra 1 month ago
Thanks..yes Ratheesh, beats set into loop..
Nikhil 1 month ago
Nice one Dev! funky tones too.
Dawn John Philip 1 month ago
Haven't heard this song in forever! Great stuff!
Kavish 1 month ago
evergreen classic.. nice one!