The different common types of Compressors and when to use them

Nikhil 1 month ago
Pretty awesome illustration! Optical Compressors have a really interesting thing going under the hood!
Kavish 1 month ago
Nice! I think I've seen some VST plugins emulating these type of compressors. How different would the quality be between the VSTz and the real thing?
Nikhil 1 month ago
Great question, but the answer varies as it largely depends on what material you're trying to compress and your choice of settings. Of course the real thing is the real thing, but some of the recent digital emulations go a good job at replicating them. Also, you don't necessarily need emulation plugins to make good music.
Simon 1 month ago
Brilliant stuff. I didn't know there were different types of compressors. So used to just what's in software. Are there VST plugins or emulations of the same? Would love to try those out
Nikhil 1 month ago
There are a lot of VST plugins emulating these analog compressors. Just look up UAD or Arturia Plugin Emulations, or the ones in this Video!
Shruti Ghoshal 1 month ago
This is so informative. Thank you for sharing this