Free Piano Plugins

Some more freebies for this week. I've tried out these 3 piano plugins that are absolutely free. Check them out and drop a comment if you've tried these out.

Rohan D 2 months ago
I've tried collab3 before. Vintage goodness. Going to try the other two also
Spinny John Stanley 2 months ago
More vintage goodness on the way. Stay tuned!
Simon 2 months ago
Great stuff Mr. Spinny. I don't i'll have to spend a penny on plugins ever again lol
Spinny John Stanley 2 months ago
😄. Free plugins sounds are getting remarkable.
Nikhil 2 months ago
Great list spinny, Some freebies to try over this week ;)
Rahul Gowda 2 months ago
I love free stuff! 😆😂 Thank you Spinny!
Spinny John Stanley 2 months ago
Always happy to help bro. 😊🤘
Clark 2 months ago
Amazing finds. Thanks for sharing these
Spinny John Stanley 2 months ago
Happy to help. 😊🤘
Sachin Thomas 2 months ago
Thank you for sharing this Spinny sir. I could only get crack versions of all 3rd party plugins since they're so expensive for me to get right now and most of them don't work properly. These are great, I will try these out.
Nikhil 2 months ago
Yeah, some of the plugins can be really pricey! Grateful to have free ones like these we can try out. And some of them sound just right for our music!
Spinny John Stanley 2 months ago
So glad it helps you out. And yes Cracked softwares can be tricky some times. More amazing plugins are on the way. We also have a list of some incredible free M4L devices too. Hope it will help you further more.
Ratheesh Varma 2 months ago
Will these work in Ableton Live?
Spinny John Stanley 2 months ago
Yeah. It works just fine with any DAW that has VST support. If you are having trouble installing 3rd party plugin in Ableton live, check out this video on how to :
Kavish 2 months ago
My plugin library is going to burst if you guys keep sharing so many cool free stuff 😆😂 Will check these out and let you know this weekend
Spinny John Stanley 2 months ago
LOL! More VST bombs on the way bro. 😆
Rahul Verma 2 months ago
Nice! will check these out
Shruti Ghoshal 2 months ago
I've tried the Collab3. Very vintage sounding. Will check out the others also. Thanks for this Spinny
Sooraj 2 months ago
I've tried Sweetcase very briefly long time ago. For a free plugin, it's a beast. Can do some limited but crazy mods.
Nikhil 2 months ago
Nice, will give that a shot!