A Journey Of Beat Mastery - Joe Panicker

Meet Joe Panicker! He is a producer, performer and educator. He is one half of electronic duo Aerate Sound and plays the drums professionally. He has worked on numerous commercial and non commercial productions across India.

Joe was raised in a creatively inclined family who were supportive of his interests. Early on, his mother enrolled him for music classes where he learnt vocals and mridangam. During his teenage years, he became interested in a drum kit. As an overly enthusiastic kid, he recalls lying his way to an inter school band competition, pretending he knew to play drums even though it was his first time! He soon formed a band and started playing drums professionally.

After graduation, Joe enrolled for an Audio Engineering Program with SAE, where he was introduced to music production. The exposure he received helped him gain fresh perspectives on making a career in music. He then moved to Delhi, and started a production house with his friend Vinayak Gupta (keyboardist for Pop band Euphoria). They worked on various projects together. He then returned to Bangalore and worked as a live sound engineer, when a friend introduced him to Ableton Live. This is when he learnt how to bridge production and performance. 

In 2015, Joe formed Aerate Sound with Naquash, a visual artist. They follow a new media approach which blurs the lines between music and the visuals. They performed several gigs, signed up with Consolidate Records and also produced two full length albums ‘Only For External’ and a hip hop record ‘The Human Form’. Apart from this, Joe also plays drums with Gauley Bhai, a well known folk fusion band that has toured internationally. 

Joe’s electronic setup has evolved over time; from looper pedals and a launchpad controller, to using Ableton’s Push 2 as a primary controller. “It's a pleasure to work with Ableton Push 2 as it helps me treat the DAW like hardware” 

Joe has always enjoyed sharing his knowledge; be it teaching drums, audio engineering or music production, via many workshops and courses he’s been a part of. DJP Media has collaborated with Joe to bring you his impeccable flair for producing beat-driven music through his free course and live masterclasses.

Check out Joe's free course - https://platform.djpmedia.in/discussions/posts/beat-making-with-joe-course

In this masterclass you’ll learn the creative and technical aspects of producing rhythmically driven compositions (what we call beats). Joe will walk you through various topics like beats phrasing techniques, understanding beat dynamics, layered sounds, processing with effect chains and so on. These are not plain theory sessions. Joe will be discussing these concepts through the music he makes during the masterclass. This Live Masterclass is designed to be highly interactive, so expect beat making exercises from Joe with feedback and review to help you apply yourself better!

Joe finds the community based learning platform exciting and relatable to the diversity he experienced early on in his journey. “The art of teaching, if done correctly, can have a tremendous influence in the growth of a student, and I feel I’m with the right team (DJP Media). We can learn so much from each other, and create a positive impact!” 

We’re super excited to have Joe as part of our community and look forward to many more happy learning experiences. Check the link below for his upcoming live masterclass schedules!

Check out Joe's Masterclass - https://platform.djpmedia.in/posts/6d29001d-4ea3-4e05-8774-1941279b9725/show

Simon 10 months ago
I've seen Joe perform a few times. Very talented. Looking forward to doing this masterclass as well as soon as I'm done with Music Production.
Clark 10 months ago
Woah, from the beatmaster itself?! Can't wait.
Sooraj 10 months ago
Joe's the man!
Nikhil 1 year ago
Joe is an inspiration!