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Want to make music or videos? We're here to help! We believe learning can be accessible to everyone!

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DJP Media - Building Community Based Learning for Creatives

We're a learning platform that helps people express themselves through art and believes in changing the way we learn online. 

How We Got Here

The best offerings from leading learning platforms are tutorials that you pay for, saying that the best we have to offer our current and next generation of creators are pre-made tutorials just doesn’t make sense to us. When the biggest takeaway from school and college isn’t our text books or supplies but the people and experiences then this too should be recreated online for meaningful and effective learning.

What We Do

In the age of information where knowledge is available to all, unfortunately meaningful learning isn’t, which is what we’re challenging by making learning accessible, affordable and meaningful. We’re built around community, anyone can access our courses, learn, interact with trainers and other members of the community. 

There are also discussions where users can ask questions, share their work and get feedback from professionals. No barriers, no paywalls, no trial periods. Just learning.

When students are ready to learn more we have live masterclasses with our trainers that cover topics like music production, beat making and film making with more to come.

These are paid live online classes like we’re all used to but students have access to a private classroom on the platform they can view recordings of their classes, share projects and files or just talk about ideas and ask questions, just like a real classroom but it’s always open.

We’re learning, collaborating and building a platform that inspires us to learn and teach, not just a collection of “how to” videos.

Checkout our Master Class here.